Ideas for restaurants & bars

Use these ideas and get new customers!

Have you ever wondered if restaurant Special Offers works for real? Can you actually earn something by giving something away?

YES, you definitely can!

The classic example comes from 1887, when Coca-Cola distributed the first-ever coupon for one free glass of coke. Since then 8.5 million consumers took Coke up on that offer.

Here you have some more ideas for your Restaurant and why they work!


According to the researches:

  • 80% of diners are likely to try a restaurant if a deal is available.
  • 57% of millennials seek out restaurant coupons.
  • 20% OFF is enough to get customers to come to your place.

We suggest to make it really special this one time and offer your customer 50% OFF their first visit at your restaurant.

Does it sound crazy to you? Don’t worry! It is just one time deal and you gain this precious chance to win new customers over.


Show your customers some love without risking!

Buy one get one free are great at sparking interest in new products and introducing sample versions of your new meals/beverages.

Additionally BOGO deals help you clear out specific products, improve your cash flow, and they are generally more profitable than other types of promotions.

Don’t forget to set up regular buy one get one free Happy Hour for the time when you have the least customers. People love Happy Hour and studies show that deals like this increase sales by over 50% at restaurants and bars!


Wondering how to get as many people as possible knocking to your doors?

Make them all come together by offering Lifestyle and Referral Discounts. For example:

  • free bottle of wine if they bring 3 of their (girl)friends
  • free tequila shot for all teachers every Monday
  • free craft beer samples for 4 people purchasing a dinner etc.

Get inspired and create a deal that works both for you and your customers!


Special Offer when done right is a powerful tool.

By giving a little away – you can actually earn something more: not only gain new customer but also make them become your regulars.

It’s necessary to attract your customers with special efforts in a highly competitive market, that the restaurant industry is.

We hope these ideas gave you a spark of inspiration.

Let us know how we can serve you even better!